In today's fashion, nail art is considered as it makes you look gorgeous. In doing the nail art, it needs a lot of exertion to achieve the desired design. Filing process has to be done first. You should have someone expert in cleaning and filing your nails so that it will not be damaged. But if you are good enough in doing the job, then you could do it by the use of electric nail drill. You can also do hand filing, but most of the time it does not get you the perfect look.


The nail drill machine is a Best electric nail file which is for buffing, cleaning, filing, shortening and back filing of fingernails. The use of machine for pedicurist and manicurist gives better result to their customer and it is time-saving as well. The use of nail drill bit is very helpful as it clean the areas like sidewalls and the cuticles which is the hardest to reach.


It is not really desirable if you use a hand filer in shaping artificial nails compared to nail drill machine where it provides a detailed and perfect acrylic look. If you are a beginner in using the drill machine, then it is suggested that you will begin with sand bands. It is a good start in cleaning the nail surface since the sand bands will slip past a mandrel. The only con for the use of this bands is that it cannot be disinfected and for single use only.


There is also a soft drill bit where it is applicable in natural nail plate and are in various shape like barrel, cone and bullet. For nails that are acrylic, the electric nail drill bits have materials that are wide and extent. The application of carbide bits are in less pressure that is why it is considered to be the most excellent in the industry aside from its high quality. The nail is protected from any burns and damages because it is heat generated and it reduces friction also. In refining C curves, large barrel carbide bits is a good applicator for it and also for shortening. Correspondingly, for sidewalls and cuticles, the golden carbide bit in tapered cone is helpful. Extended and curved nails uses football carbide bit to get beneath the curves. Diamond carbide bit is effective for a French fill nails while having a smile line, inverted taper is appropriate.



It is recommended for buyers to do a research on the nail drill machine first. Keep in mind always that the machine must depend on what kind of user are you either professional or beginner so that you will not spend too much on something that you are not capable of handling yet. The best electric nail file and nail drill can be ordered through online or if you have time, you can have a go in the store also. Continue reading at